We care about

     The materials and processes involved in manufacturing VARIS wooden toys require a great responsibility for nature, for people and society in general. Nature and people are very important for us therefore VARIS is active in both contributions to environmental rehabilitation and to the social sphere.

VARIS Toys history began as far back as 1988 in the Valmiera district of Latvia with the purchase of a land. The VARIS factory was built on the site of a former landfill.  This required extensive effort to rehabilitate this land and return it to a pleasant environment.

Taking into account that contemporary manufacturing adds growing demand on energy resources, energy efficiency is important criteria in determining our choice of equipment. Materials are used in the most efficient way and those manufacturing remains are used for heating of facilities and drying of raw material.
Skilled craftsmanship is important in the production of VARIS Toys. Most of our craftsmen are working in VARIS for more than 20 years and some even from the very beginning of the company. We have a tight connection with local woodworking educational institutions and give number of praxis places yearly.

VARIS Toys is socially responsible. Our partner is local social house which provides opportunities for employment for those with developmental disabilities. You can estimate their love and precision they have invested by looking at windows and doors of VARIS construction sets that they have made. We are proud to say – made with care!

Also VARIS is involved in other socially aware projects including providing play resources for children of low-income families and in several children’s hospitals contributing to the children’s recovery process. We are glad when we can be of help to someone.