We are proud to assure that VARIS toys are the best and most beautiful wooden toys. To convince you about that, we should be honest and tell you the secret of VARIS wooden toys:


VARIS toys are eco friendly:
•    Parents can rely on these wooden toys without fear for their child’s health and safety;
•    Children get to explore first ideas of ecology and natural material advantages;
•    Purity of VARIS Toys confirmed by being 100% FSC® certified which means that forest management and chain of custody standards are met to maintain responsible production and consumption of forest products to benefit both people and the environment.

VARIS toys are creative:
•    A child playing with VARIS wooden toys will develop their creative thinking each time they make a new construction combination;
•    By design VARIS Toys allows children to be creative forming and shaping their endless imagination;
•    The creative design and creative use of VARIS Toys has been featured and awarded in international exhibitions as well as being recognized as a high quality toy design in the 2009 book „Toy Design”.

VARIS toys are safe:
•    To protect children from risk of injury VARIS Toys selects a variety of Birch wood with a high resistance to splintering and cracking;
•    In addition to complying with European safety standards VARIS Toys  has established a system of quality controls to inspect components at each stage of production;
•    VARIS wooden toys are highly durable and can last for several generations.

VARIS toys are educational:
•    During the process of play children develop logical and spatial thinking;
•    Get to know basics of mathematics and physics;
•    Improves eye-hand coordination;
•    Accelerates intellectual development – thinking, memory, decision making and comparison;
•    Improves speech development – during play the nerves in the fingertips stimulate the speech center;
•    Contributes to kinetic and visual perception;
•    Develops communication skills working in groups, cooperating, sharing and understanding others;
•    During the playing with these toys several generations can become involved strengthening family bonds.