VARIS Toys congratulates pupils in Valmiera

Every year around Christmas time VARIS Toys are congratulating The most able students, choosing one of schools in Latvia. This year was no exception. This time VARIS Toys Construction sets were traveling to Valmieras Viestura Secondary school. There were  fine fellow students, who were congratulated for good and excellent degrees . It was a big surprise, specially during the Christmas time, not just for the students but even for school collective. 

„Thank you for all the presents to Viestura primary schools first grade pupil. That was a special surprise for youngest students during this Christmas time!” said by Deputy Director of educations for primary schools - Inguna V?cmane.

We, from VARIS Toys, are happy together with you for this opportunity to make pupils weekday enjoyable!

Here in this photo our Most able students from Valmieras Viestura Secondary school


See you soon!

VARIS participate in the Christmas market in the core of Riga

        As usual VARIS is especially active in the period of Christmas. This year we are participating in the market which is located in the core of Riga – in the Dome Square. There you can find a wide range of VARIS Toys assortment – Construction sets, Marble run, Architects, Town builder.. and not only.. we provide you also the possibility to get a lot of beautiful and even funny things: amazing candlesticks, Christmas decors with reindeers, snowmen, Christmas trees and Santa. There you can find also other different toys and even deco elements to vitalize your kid’s room.

We hope to see you there!

Find VARIS in the shopping mall Spice Home

       We are present in the “Spice Home”.. You can find there VARIS Toys products and also creative toys from France “Djeco”. In the assortment of “Djeco” are present small knick-knacks: stickers, origami, kirigami, stencils, mosaics, scratch cards, paper dolls..; creative toys designed by French designers: colored sands, stamps, light clays, moving pictures..; and also educative toys for smallest kids: cubes, domino, loto, memo, bingo, magnetics, puzzles, role plays and a lot of other things..         

Come to visit us!

VARIS Toys at the TOY FAIR 2012 in Nuremberg (DE)

   Dear VARIS Toys friends!

   Every year comes with something new!
   Let's meet in Nuremberg at the

   Toy Fair 2012:

   01.02. – 06.02.2012

   Hall: 3, Stand: B-53

   and You will be able to meet us face to face and find out all the news first.


VARIS Toys at Night of Museums

The annual Night of Museums is here again!!!

VARIS Toys will participate at the museum of the History of Riga and Navigation, situated in Old Riga, in the Dom ensamble. (Palasta street 4) 
We have prepared for you the creative workshop with VARIS products - building your dreams beyond borders, the lottery, and many other activities!
As well you will be able to buy our quality toys and donate the money for charity in collaboration with

We will wait you there on the 18th of May. And we are starting at 19:00. 

Your VARIS Toys
... Because the childhood is too short for bad toys