• Marble Run XL Set MR-68

Marble Run XL Set

83.90 €

VARIS Marble Run Basic Set includes 62 perfectly processed and polished wooden parts with the holes and grooves inside them. In additional in the Set you can find also six marbles. With this set children can build a labyrinth where these six marbles race downhill. This toy helps stimulate three-dimensional and spatial thinking in children. To make playing even more varied and exiting VARIS Marble Run 68 is perfectly compatible with Marble Run extra sets. Made of highest quality hardwood birch. Used FSC-certified virgin material.

- Recommended for children 3+ years. 
- The toy can be suitable for younger children under the care of an adult when marbles are excluded from the set.

Packaging (mm): 325 x 340 x 80
Weight (g): 2750
Size of the blocks(mm): 40 x 40 x 20; 40 x 40 x 40; and longer parts
Artcle No.: MR-68